Interview with Mist (NL)

With already a self-released split album this year together with Förtvivlan (NL).Mist is focussing on the release of the first full-length 'Epiphany' released by the Australian label 'Immortal Frost Productions'.

Hails,Falmaron. Thanks for doing this interview with MRP.

Please,can you tell us how the story of your journey as discovering the unlimited boundaries in music,and when was Mist born?

Hail! MRP and thanks for the invitation for this interview.
Mist was born in October 2009 and emerged from the search for answers about human existence and the role of Mother Nature.

While Thinking, music found its way to me.
Music is like water who is a living element and can bind to a soul. Also the waves are different. Some are wild and some are just ripples in a lake. Clouds are my favourite appearance in nature and it is a lot of inspiration for me.

I use the word 'unlimited' cause seems you try to use everything possible to create such great atmosphere in the songs.
I even dare to say some film makers would be impressed with some of the soundtrack songs which actually easily would fit in to some movies. Is this also the purpose with the songs you create? Bringing the listener away to 'other' places?

Yes indeed, personally I like a very compelling composition. With an atmospheric effect, I try to choose a more intense way that the listener holds in its grip.

Haha, thank you for the compliment. I'm just trying to create what's in my mind.

What sort of equipment do you use in creating songs with such a diversity.

I play an Epiphone Custom EB and owns a small but fine amplifier. I also use a distortion pedal. Then the process continues on the PC and I use programs such as Reason and Logic. I use a USB interface. As you can see it's not really special

Some artists are always searching something 'different'in the approach of not afraid crossing new boundaries with the music they write.

Can we expect something like that with you or Mist in the near future?

Yes, the upcoming album is a concept album based on Dante Aleghieri and his book La Divina Commedia. The style will be more oriented to the symphonic black metal to give a representation of chaos and confusion into one story but it will still be recognizable. The storyline can be founded on the Myspace.

Listening to the songs i get the impression you don't get inspired by the musical side alone. Where do you actually get your inspiration from?

As mentioned, natural is an important source of inspiration, but also dreams and dejavu's have their influences. Also band like Arcana Coelestia, Anathema, Drudkh and other great bands helps me with write progress.

The song titles/lyrics aren't average material. What sort of subjects are they about?How long does the process take in writing lyrics which fits the music/mood?

To be honest I find myself a terrible writer. Language is difficult for me and I find it hard to write something that I'm satisfied with it. I prefer to speak only with music but I still miss a certain emotion but thoughts exist about going instrumental. The numbers on the Split are focused on the destruction of Mother Earth.

Right now Mist only exists out of you handling all instruments and AS (might been known from 1774) who helps out.

Is there a possibility having more members in the band in the near future involved writing music/lyrics,Or will it be only just you

Mist is intended as a solo project and it will continue as a solo project. But maybe that the future brings some changes. External influences will always be there, but eventually I will be the driving force, because Mist grows along with me.

The Split CD with Förtvivlan appeared at the 12th of May this year. How did this co-operation came together?And how are the responses till now?

Förtvivlan approached me via myspace and asked me for a split CD. It gave me a great opportunity to bring out a first release and at the same time a split CD. People are enthusiastic and there is certainly demand for a CD and through the power of the Internet a number of international countries requested a CD.

There was a mistake about the split. In a review,saying you wrote all the songs for it. Which in fact isn't true at all.

The review itself was quite positive. Are you satisfied in how far reactions so far are. Or aren't you bothered about it so much,and do your own thing.

Compliments are nice to hear and I was surprised to have such quick to see a review but eventually I will not be influenced by the opinions of others, because they're opinions.

About the new upcoming album. What does 'Epiphany' mean?Any special meaning(s) behind it?

Epiphany means "Revelation" because the storyline will be a revelation for mankind. For many it will create a new perspective on life.

I already had a sneak preview of some of the songs which appear on Epiphany. Must say I am totally overwhelmed how the music blends in each other. Black Metal combined with film music,Soundtrack and classical touches.

Tell us about the album. How it evolved in what it is,and what it presents.

Well the storyline is dark and obscure, and it describes much chaos and confusion. With these thoughts slowly the music get formed which you've heard.

Who is responsible for the artwork for the split album and the upcoming new album? Was It done by the same person?

For the split, I photographed everything by myself. For the album Epiphany I found a nature photographer and I asked his permission for some pictures.

Where was 'Epiphany' recorded?And how long did the recording in it's total take?Were you satisfied about how the process was going?

The album is recorded and mixed at home. So far everything runs smoothly.

There's a free track for download 'Idumea' which used as a bonus track coming with the upcoming album. Any reason for doing that this way? I assume it also will appear on the album?

In this way the concept will remain fascinating. Idumea will indeed be released on the album and at the same time the start of The Lagacy Of the Wild what is explained in a blog on myspace.

What is the scheduled date for the release of Epiphany?

I'm trying to get everything ready by the end of this summer but unfortunately I can promise nothing. Over time I will post updates about the progress.

read in the blog section on the Mist Myspace plans are made for doing live (a) show(s).Is it sure yet if this will go through,and do you have a complete live line-up already?

This will probably go along with the release of Epiphany. Almost all musicians are complete and the first rehearsal dates will be taken soon.


When is supposed to be the first show,and do you already have an idea where it will take place?

This will probably go along with the release of Epiphany. The plans are made to give the gig in Soest (Hol) in the Artishock, but nothing is clear yet.

You also are/were active in the band Vanir (Pagan/Black Metal).Did you got any influence by this creating songs?

Are you still active in this band as well?

Yes, all the songs of Vanir has been largely written together. The song "The Last March of the Gods" is my most influential song. No, my collaboration with the lords of Vanir has already ended a few months ago, now my work is done in there. Spite of everything, they're very good friends of mine and my departure was the only solution for the strong brotherhood to survive . It was not only a difficult decision for me and I wish these guys the best in their future. “Hef de Horn op Wodan”!

There's also this other new project of yours called Sonar FX with influences from breakcore, IDM, Dark Ambient.

What can you tell us about it,and what can we expect?

Sonar FX is based on August Strindberg a philosopher and alchemist. A special man and he suffered from a disease what is called schizophrenia. This project is based on his autobiography and the illness. Beside, it is also about another disease that everyone suffers. Lust and obsession. A primal infliction.

Thanks a lot for your time doing this interview. I can't mention any song from Mist I dislike. Hopefully you will continue on this path of making this kind of art.

Final words are for you....

I would like to seal men with the penance of being human. Realize that the unknown is not unrealistic and I think there is no scientific explanation for this to unbounded. Let me also remind you to read the story from the upcoming album and I'm interested in your opinion.

I would also like to thank you for this interview. I am feel honored and I really appreciate this.

Take care, all of you!

Current line-up:

Falmaron -Composing, lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lyrics, vocals FX and mixing

Genre: Experimental / Black Metal / Soundtracks / Film music

Discography: Förtvivlan / Mist Split, 2010 (Self-Released)
Epiphany, 2010, Immortal Frost Productions (Expected)

Label:Immortal Frost Productions (Australia)

With the link below you can download the upcoming bonus track "Idumea" from the album Epiphany.

Split Cd Review